Tickets & Contact

Cost: We need donations of £15 per person before September 1st or £20 per person after that date.  NO TICKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE ON THE DOOR.  If you do want to come, you need to get in touch quickly.

Even if you can’t make it, please think about making a donation anyway. You can also buy raffle tickets for £1 per ticket – the list of prizes is incredible (and is provided on the page with the list of events).

Charities: This year we are aiming to raise £1500 for two charities:  the Bet Shean Foodbank and Leket (see “Our Charities” for more details). All the money donated will go directly to these charities and nothing is wasted on administration.  We have already raised almost £1450.

On the day itself, we will be collecting food for the charity JGift ( Please bring with you just one dry, healthy non-perishable Kosher product – tuna, soup packets, crackers, barley, rice, pasta, cereals, tea, coffee – to leave in a collection food box. The products do not need a hechsher.

Contact: For tickets, or offers of help, please email    

Helping out before the day and on the day itself would be appreciated and volunteers will get a discounted ticket.

You can also join the Gefiltefest Facebook group – which will help spread the word and raise money – and then you’ll get update about speakers and events.

Many thanks to Stuart Daniel of Cocoa Bijoux (



Please note that the ingredients used for demonstrations will be Kosher but the event will not be under supervision.


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