Our Charities

Leket Israel was founded 8 years ago and is Israel’s National Food Bank. They rescue ALL left over food that would otherwise be destroyed from hundreds of restaurants, weddings, hotels and food producers all over Israel. This food is then distributed to over 250 non-profit organizations caring for the needy in Israel. Their work includes rescuing more 110 tons of fruit and vegetables a week and over 13 thousand meals a week.  Today with a team of dedicated staff and wonderful volunteers, they are currently providing food for 20 thousand people every day.

Bet Shean Food Bank. The Bet Shean Foodbank was established in 1995 to assist needy families, the elderly and people who live alone. Today, more than 800 portions of hot food and dry goods are disbributed every friday afternoon for Shabbat meals or before the holidays.  The organisation is run totally by volunteers and acts with the utmost discretion. The volunteers come from all ages and sectors of society and 75% of the food provided is donated by the local community.  Other activities undertaken include distribution of clothing and eyewear, provision of assistance for marriage ceremonies, bar mitzvah celebrations and circumcisions and provision of a variety of infant supplies to families that are unable to afford to buy them themselves.



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